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The Development Of Ultrasonic Washing Machine

16 Mar, 2015 Ultrasonic Cleaner
ultrasonic washing machine

Ultrasonic washing from the 1960s, ultrasound technology since its inception, the scientists found that: a certain frequency range of ultrasound, acting on the liquid medium, the cleaning effect can be achieved. After a period of research and testing, has not only been satisfied with the results, and found that the ultrasonic washing machine has high cleaning efficiency, which is gradually applied to all walks of life.

At the beginning, due to restrictions on the electronics industry, ultrasonic washing machine supply relatively large size, poor stability and short service life, together with high price, general industrial and mining enterprises are unbearable, but its excellent cleaning efficiency , still attract some powerful state-owned enterprises at first sight.

With the rapid development of electronics industry, the application of new electronic circuits and new electronic components, makes ultrasonic power supply more stable and further improve service life. At the same time, the ultrasonic washing machine has charactors of larger volume, lower price.

The 1980s, the third generation of ultrasonic generators, with power inverter and latest IGBT components, are widely applied to ultrasonic washing machines. The new ultrasonic power with small size, high reliability and long service life, cleaning efficiency can be further improved and the price dropped to an acceptable level for most of enterprises.

The latest technology in ultrasonic washing machines is multi-frequency control system. We can choose the optimal frequency according to the specific workpiece. Lower frequencies are suitable for removing larger particles. Conversely, smaller particles are easily removed at higher frequencies. If the broader range of frequencies can be applied in the same tank during the cleaning process, the larger range of particle sizes can be effectively removed.

Mor and more unique technology such as cleaning cycles, PLC control and automation system were now operated by the push button control units, greatly improving the washing efficiency. No matter dead zone or blind holes, ultrasonic cleaning makes this work becomes easy, the labors never need to contact the solution which contains corrosive cleaning agent.

Today the study of ultrasonic cleaning system is changing along with electronic technology, the higher mid-range ultrasonic frequencies become the area of focus. Predictably, ultrasonic washing machines are inseparable from our daily lives for almost everything .

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