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   Learn About Using, Repairing And Maintaing For Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Maintenance For Ultrasonic Bath

16 Mar, 2015 Ultrasonic Cleaner
maintenance for ultrasonic bath Ultrasonic bath provides excellent cleaning performance on the cheap. During the use, the improper operation may reduce performance of cleaner. So we need to know how to remedy situations when the mistake occurs.

On the other hand, strictly following instructions is significant to extend service life of ultrasonic cleaner. Here are several tips on how to maintain an ultrasonic bath.

1) The essential environmental requirement is to preserve the ultrasonic bath in ventilating, dry and clean work place, especially in keeping generators and transducers away from steam, corrosive gases and powders. It's great conducive for the long-term operation of equipment.

2) Check wires and electric components at regular intervals. Good insulation is crucial for the running of ultrasonic system. Besides, professional electric technician is required to maintain the ultrasonic bath with reliable grounding, so as to prevent electric leakage.

3) Porous or mesh tray must be used to improve the cavitation effect, the optimal spacing between the tank floor and tray is about 1~2cm. It is banned from placing objects on the bottom surface directly, so as to avoid damaging the ultrasonic bath.

4) Please read the instruction carefully before use. The most important thing is that don't start the ultrasonic bath without filling the tank with solution, otherwise, the relevant heaters, pumps or transducers are likely to be damaged.

5) It's better to degas the liquid in ultrasonic bath before cleaning work. This procedure can make ultrasonic waves pass more freely through water, and further improving the cleaning effectiveness. During the degas process, It is noteworthy to add a squirt of dishwashing detergent which will help to soften the liquid.

6) During the cleaning process, the works should be provided special insulating boots, gloves, etc. Never put your hand into cleaning solutions. Stainless steel tank can be easily damaged by either strong acid or alkali, so that if such strong corrosive solutions are necessary, they should be loaded into a special container which in turn is put in the ultrasonic bath filled with water.

7) After the end of cleaning task, don't keep water in the cleaning tank for a long time, empty the tank and clean both the outside and inside of the ultrasonic bath with clean and dry cloth for next use. Ensure that don't use these cloths for any other purpose.

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