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Advantage Of Ultrasonic Cleaning System

16 Mar, 2015 Ultrasonic Cleaner
advantage of ultrasonic cleaning system

Ultrasonic cleaning system has been acknowledged as the most effective methods of cleaning today. The common cleaning method is immersion in a liquid, then combined with chemistry and mechanical action which mainly includes brushing, spraying, and ultrasonics.

Brushing is applied where the parts to be cleaned are geometrically simple, such as flat surfaces with no cavities or blind holes. Spray-cleaning shoud be aimed and closed to workpiece directly to achieve the cleanness, so that the orientation of workpiece is critical. Besides. there will be the limited efficiency on large surface. Ultrasonic cleaning system does not depend on either geometry or orientation for good cleaning effect, no other method can be compared with ultrasonics, the details mainly embody in the following respects:

Outstanding cleaning effect

The cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning system can achieve very high level, generally can reach 98% or more, while the traditional hand-washing and organic solvent cleaning can only reach 60% ~ 70%, even the high pressure water jet cleaning is below 90%. undoubtedly, ultrasonic cleaning system has become the best choice due to its high efficiency and excellent cleaning effect.

Enhancement of cleaning speed

Ultrasonic cleaning system is the faster way than any other common cleaning method. The whole component can be cleaned quickly without disassembly because of powerful ultrasonic cavitation. Generally, the entired cleaning process needs 10 minutes or less, which is considerably shorter than most common ways.

Additionally, the advantage of labor-saving emancipates labours from the hard cleaning work, this point is significant for many industrial enterprise.

Consistent cleaning effectivity

The traditional cleaning methods can not be completely effective in cleaning workpiece, such as brushing , spraying, due to the influence of manual operation, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of cleaning effectivity.

Ultrasonic cavitation effect provides excellent penetration to clean in the small holes and narrow gaps. No matter large or small parts, simple or complex parts, single or large quantities of parts, ultrasonic cleaning system is always considered as the optimal choice to achieve the uniform cleaning.

Safety and environment protection

In the past, the cleaning labors work in the dirty environment, manual cleaning of complex mechanical parts need for a long time. After the application of ultrasonic cleaning system, not only improve the working environment, but also reduce the labor intensity.

The whole ultrasonic cleaning system works independently in a tank, it's absolute physical action, and no need to touch cleaning solution. So that, there is no risk to cleaning workers. On the other hand, cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning is usually gentler than those used for traditional cleaning methods.

Low energy consumption

Compared to the existing cleaning method, ultrasonics cut the cost in aspects of labor, detergents, energy, water and effluent, other methods of immersion cleaning use more energy than ultrasonic cleaning system. Heating components and circulation pumps cost much more electric energy than ultrasonic transducers.

In brief, ultrasonic cleaning system must be the low cost cleaning solution for you.

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