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Cleaning Method for Anilox Rollers

04 Dec, 2015 Ultrasonic Cleaner
anilox roller cleaning

Cleanliness of anilox rollers has a strong impact on printing quality. The dirt or clog inside cells will reduce cell volume to cause the inadequate color density during the coating process, and further to increase the color matching time. So that it's significant to choose a appropriate cleaning method such as follows:

Common cleaning method for anilox rollers

1) Brush cleaning with chemical

Brush cleaning method are used daily as an low-cost and simple choice for many manufacturers in printing industry. Generally, a stainless steel brush is only used with chemical for ceramic anilox rollers because ceramic is relative harder than steel, but for chrome rollers, a brass brush is the best choice instead of steel brush which is hard enough to distort the cells.

Obviously, cleaning with powerful chemicals including various of solvents, corrosive acids or alkalis by hand, may result in the risk of injury and harm to health for operators. On the other hand, manual cleaning procedure is also difficult to ensure the consistency of cleanliness for anilox rollers.

2) High-pressure baking soda cleaning

Blasting system is a mechanical method which blast baking soda powders onto the surface of anilox roller by air pressure and a nozzle. The small baking soda powers penetrate the depths of anilox cells to break up dirts.

Because of soda powers with uneven size, some particles can't get inside the depths of cell especially for higher line screen anilox rollers. Besides, direct high-pressure injection may cause the anilox wall to collapse.

3) Ultrasonic cleaning method

Ultrasonic is a mature cleaning technology applied in a wide range of industries. The cavitation bubbles can penetrate even microscopic cracks to remove ink, coatings and adhesives from anilox rollers. Ultrasonic cleaning has been recognized as a safe, green, effective and economic cleaning method.

However, for a professional manufacturer, an ultrasonic cleaning machines must be customized according to the properties of anilox rollers, and also without any damage to anilox surface.

Benifits of ultrasonic cleaning method for anilox rollers

1) Thorough cleaning effect

It is well known that ultgrasonic cleaning exhibits an excellent performance in microporous-structure applications. No matter metal or ceramic rollers, they store ink both depends on micron-grade anilox cells, the diameter of cavitation bubbles is only approx. 2-5 microns, that means more than a dozen of bubbles can easily enter inside to implode on the contaminations attached to the cell walls. On the other hand, special chemical solution can produce an active effect on contaminations to reduce their adhesion. It is proved that ultrasonic cleaning method which combined with both physical and chemical effects, is unmatched by other ways.

2) Safe cleaning on anilox rollers

Ultrasonic cleaning machines must be specifically designed for anilox roller cleaning in many aspects such as technical parameter of cleaner, cleaning chemical, etc. Otherwise, ultrasonic method may cause the possibility of damage. However, this problem has been proven to be solved via understanding of cleaning process. So, As a manufacturer such as hanzhou ultrasonic, we provide not only an anilox roller cleaner, but also technical assistance based on our knowledge in printing industry and rich experience in practice.

3) Green cleaning method for anilox rollers

Ultrasonic cleaning is a green method which just converts electric energy into mechanical energy, there are neither dust flying nor sewage river, the only consumption is chemical detergents which are environmental- friendly, and can be directly discharged into cloaca.

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