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Ultrasonic Extraction And Separation Technology

21 Apr, 2015 Ultrasonic Processor
Ultrasonic extraction and separation has become an important technology which is used for extracting activated substance or other beneficial substance from animals, plants and micro-organisms, etc.

Ultrasonic extraction process mainly uses high power ultrasound to accelerate solvent penetrate into solid materials, organic components from materials can be completely dissolved in extracting solvent. The next step is to separate chemical components from multi component mixed solvent by appropriate method, after further refining, the effecctive components which we need are extracted finally.
ultrasonic extraction and separation

This new technology combines ultrasonic extraction and separation, use ultrasonic technology to improve the extraction and separation processes, can greatly improve efficiency, save time, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Principle of ultrasonic extraction and separation

1) Mechanical effect

During the transmission of ultrasonic wave, a kind of radiation pressure which has very strong destructive effect on the material propagates along the direction of the sound wave, it can deform the cell tissues and denature the plant protein. Besides, it also can impart different acceleration to the media and suspension, the friction between them can depolymerize the biological moleculars, so that the effective component of the cell wall quickly dissolved in the solvent.

2) Cavitation effect

Thousands of atmospheric pressure produced by cavitation effect can rupture the plant cell wall and the whole organism, the process of rupture is practically instantaneous, conducive to the dissolution of the active ingredients.

3) Thermal effect

The rise of temperature caused by thermal effect of ultrasound accelerates the effective components dissolution. As the temperature increase caused by absorption of ultrasound energy is instantaneous, the activity of extracted effective components can remain unchanged.

In addition, the ultrasonic wave can also produce many secondary effects, such as emulsion, diffusion, disruption, chemical effects, etc. These effects also promote the dissolution of active ingredient in the medium, speed up the extraction process, and improve the extraction rate of the effective components.

Advantage of ultrasonic extraction and separation

1) Unlike traditional boiling method or reflux method, ultrasonic extraction don't need heating, as to avoid damaging effective components due to the long time heating, especially suitable for the extraction of thermal sensitive material.

2) Ultrasonic extraction technology improves the extraction rate of effective componts, ensure the optimum use of raw materials, it reduces the consumption of solvent, remarkable economic results can be achieved.

3) High content of extract is conducive to further refined, on the other hand, we may find new useful components under the effect of ultrasound.

4) Ultrasonic extraction and separation technology is a physical process, there is no chemical reaction during the whole extraction process, has little effect on the activity of active ingredients.

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