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   News Report About Using Ultrasonic Technique To Increase Rice Production

The Influence Of Ultrasonic On Increasing Rice Production

16 Mar, 2015 Industry News
ultrasonic on increasing rice production

Through processing rice seed by using ultrasonic technology, the rice production can even increase by 15%. That's the result of field experiments in jiaoling, meizhou, guangdong, china.

In june 2013, the research team for this project separately carried on field experiments in meizhou, yangjiang and qingyuan. They raised 50 acres of rice seeds with ultrasonic treated, and in addition, raised 50 acres of rice seeds without ultrasonic treated.

The two kinds of rice seeds growed under the same condition, both in fertilizer and irrigation frequency. The result shows that the rice raised by ultrasonic processing seeds, has more effective panicles and higher setting percentage. The rice production increased 62.2 kg per acre by ultrasonic technology, the growth rate was 14.1%.

Professor Tang from South China Agriculture University said "ultrasonic can effect on rice seeds before planting because of its thermal effect, cavitation effect and mechanical effect."

Source: Guangzhou Daily, October 28, 2013

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