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   News Report About New-style Ultrasonic Motor In Nanjing, China

Ultrasonic Motor To Fill The Gap In China

16 Mar, 2015 Industry News
ultrasonic motor

Professor Zhao and his group, from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, have developed 30 types of ultrasonic motors with self-owned intellectual property, widely used in fabric cutting machines, paper shredders, injectors, etc.

The driving force for the ultrasonic motor comes from a piece of piezoelectric ceramic looked just like a small compact discs, a voltage makes the piezoelectric ceramic element occur a deformation vibration, shaping a driving energy. Compared with traditional electromagnet motor, as no magnetic field coil is needed, the ultrasonic motor has characteristics of light weight and small noise. And when it is applied in civil usage, its excellent merit is that it is energy conservation. A traditional fabric cutting machine has to be driven by a 100W motor, but if it is driven by a ultrasonic motor, only 6W is needed. This technique fills the domestic gap, is also an advantage position in the world.

Also, ultrasonic motor can be manufactured in very small size, such as a 1mm micro ultrasonic motor can be used in an intestines and stomach surgery by peeping pipe. The ultrasonic motor can send medicine curing cancer into human’s body. It can also be used to zoom in camera lens, vibrate giving the correct time in watch and be applied in Mars exploring car, etc. Although, it is about 20% expensive than the traditional electromagnet motor, it is cost-effective.

Source: Nanjing Daily, June 30, 2009

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