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Basics of Ultrasonic Mist Fogger

01 Dec, 2015 Ultrasonic Atomizer
Ultrasonic Mist Foggers

The ultrasonic mist fogger, also know as ultrasonic mister/fogger, is a relatively small device which is commonly placed in a containers filled with water, and the high-frequency ultrasonic oscillating can break water into countless water droplets which are sprayed into air as a fog-like cloud. Ultrasonic misters are popularly used for a broad range of industries including health, beauty, incense, disinfection, garden, stage, industrial or agricultural humidification, etc.

Principle of ultrasonic mist fogger

An ultrasonic mister basically consists of a built-in AC/DC adapter and a atomizing transducer with metallic shell. The inner piezoelectric transducer is the core component which can generates high-energy vibrations at frequencies of around 1.6MHZ. The ultrasonic transducer vibrates rapidly at high speeds within the water and then the water molecules can be broke apart into individual droplets with the size of approx 3 - 5 microns which can penetrate to the tiny spaces. These droplets are incessantly vaporized into the air to form a thick fog.

Advantages of ultrasonic mist fogger

Oh sure, there are many other ways which can do the same thing as ultrasonic fogger. Generally, a water source, tubing and mist nozzles are necessary to spray the terrarium. However, many problems hasn't been solved such as very long set-up time, large consumption of water and frequently clogged mist nozzles. The most significant point is that the fog isn't the same as the fog which generated by ultrasnic mister, because they have larger water droplets.

In contrast to traditional misting system, the ultrasonic fogger circuit is simple to design, it has properties of cost-effective use and low-cost maintenance, and easy to install and use. Besides, the fogger is not created via a boiling process, so that the fog is cold and wet and there is no any kind of heat can be released to impact to users.

Daily use and maintenance for ultrasonic mist fogger

The ultrasonic mister is safe and easy use, however, there are still several points should be paid attention to during the daily use. First, never touch the ceramic discs while the fogger is in operation. Second, the fogger head should be completely submersed and the optimum depth is between 50 ml and 70 ml. Third, the inner disc must be cleaned or replaced when a reduction of mist output occurs.

As we know, ultrasonic mist foggers can vaporize anything that is in the water. That means any harmful componts in the water will be sprayed into the air to threat user or others near the atomizing devices. Thus, keeping the water clean at all times should be seen as the important thing to our health, the ideal situation is that we are able to use purified water in our fogging system.

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