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   News Report About Ultrasonic Solution For Cleaning Gun

Ultrasonic Cleaning Method For The Gun

16 Mar, 2015 Industry News
ultrasonic cleaning for the gun

More than 20 guns with smoke flavor were taken to repair workshop for maintenance after live ammunition in Shenyang Military District. For a change, soldiers put more than 200 parts separated from guns into a ultrasonic cleaning tank, then added cleaning agent...half an hour later, all parts looked brand-new.

After a rifle is divided into more than 10 parts, there will be lots of complex shape parts which are hard to clean. Some soldiers even used toothbrush and crochet, so they spend one hour at least on cleaning work every time. "In the past, 20 soldiers spend one hour on cleaning work for these guns." regimental commander Lu said. The new cleaning method of ultrasonic can reach the excellent cleanliness of more than 90%, and greatly improve cleaning efficiency.

The next thing to be done is to improve the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and try to meet cleaning work for all models of military equipment.

Source: PLA Daily, January 15, 2015

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