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   News Report About Ultrasonic Detecting System On Chemotherapy

Ultrasonic Can Show The Effectiveness Of Chemotherapy

16 Mar, 2015 Industry News
ultrasonic for chemotherapy

Researchers have developed a new type of ultrasonic detecting system which can quickly check effectiveness of chemotherapy for liver cancer patients.

After treated with one or two weeks of chemotherapy, contrast agent is injected into blood of liver cancer patients. Then using ultrasonic to observe, if the blood flow which provides tumour with nourishment is slower than before, the tumour becomes small.

The ultrasonic system can carry out the automatic lesions tracking, save time and power in examing. The volume of blood and the rate of flow can be shown as figure. If the contrast agent spends more time on flowing into tumor, means the better effectiveness of chemotherapy and the smaller tumour.

Chemotherapy drugs have high price and harmmful aftereffects, if they were proved ineffective, we should try other methods as soon to relieve suffering of patients. Research team think that this ultrasonic detection system are also available in treatment of breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Source: Beijing Daily, February 07, 2014

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