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Piezoelectric Transducer For Common Applications

16 Mar, 2015 Ultrasonic Transducer
piezoelectric transducers A piezoelectric transducer is a device that converts one form of energy to another, usually as a transmitter, receiver or sensor.

They are manufactured for a variety of application and can be custom designed when necessary. It's important for us to pay careful attention on selecting the suitable piezo transducer for the specific use.

Applications of transducers vary widely, now let us briefly look at some common transducers as follows:


Piezoelectric transducers for cleaning use

The piezoelectric materials of PZT4 or PZT8 are widely used for cleaning transducers, which can be divided into horn-type and straight-type. The horn-type transducers with pyramidal horn shape have higher impedance and wide bandwidth, the sound radiation efficiency is higher than the straight-type. So in the cleaning tank, they can release higher sound power and lower loss of electric power.

Because of their bigger radiating area, the sound intensity of radiating area is lower than the straight-type transducers with cylinder shape, which can generate strong sound intensity to affect farer distance. For instance, they are very appropriate use for deep screw.

Piezoelectric transducers for welding use

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations which are applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. Piezoelectric welding transducer is the core of driving system in welding machine, generally use the bolt clamping the longitudinal vibration transducer. It is commonly used for plastics, and especially for joining dissimilar materials.

Transducers can be designed to operate at a specific frequency from 15 to 300 kHz for different systems and applications. Most metal welding systems operate at 20 to 70 kHz, in practice, 20 kHz is the most common frequency.

Piezoelectric transducers for distance measurement

A piezoelectric transducer measures the distance to an object by sending out pulses of high-frequency sound and processing the echoes which bounce back.

In this way, we can measure distances from a few inches to over 100 feet In a moment. This method is suitable for distance measuring, level monitoring, presence detection, ranging, proximity sensing and many other automated applications.

Piezoelectric transducers for humidification

The piezoelectric transducer immersed in water converts high frequency electronic signals into high frequency mechanical vibration. The water can't follow the high-frequency movement of transducer so that a momentary vacuum is created on the negative vibration of the transducer wherein the water cavitates into vapor.

As a result, on the positive vibration, high pressure waves force the cavitated water through the surface of the water as a very fine mist, which is easily absorbed into the air flow.

Piezoelectric transducers for beauty

Ultrasonic beauty transducer is the core component of beauty massager which massage skin surface with high-frequency vibration energy. It can generate high intensified and continuous ultrasonic wave by the piezoelectric transducer, which can penetrate deep surrounding tissue beneath skin, remove stubborn fat efficiently.

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